Question Switching Nvme ports on mobo question


Aug 10, 2019
I just built my PC on an Asus x570 tuf gaming pro mobo and installed a 970 evo plus nvme on it. I wasn't paying attention and installed my nvme on the top m2 slot (one without heatsink) and it contains my OS and I only plan on putting one game on it because it has more load times than most but other than that the drive is not being used for data transfer.

Should I switch my drive to the bottom, the one with the heatsink or does it not really matter? If I do switch it, since it contains my OS do I need to do anything special or will it just boot up from the nvme since its still recognized as my boot drive in the bios?
can depend on your CPU or other components what other M.2 slots are available for use.

monitor your disk temperatures and if they are getting higher than you'd like, try moving it to the slot with a heatsink.
it's possible you could even purchase a 3rd party heatsink to attach to the first slot if you decide to continue using it.