Question Switching NVMe slots on the Asus Rog Strix X570-I ?

Oct 25, 2021
when assembling my pc, i decided to put the m.2 ssd in the rear slot (backside) of the mother board, out of ease and because i saw it first. later on through my assembly i noticed the front slot under the heatsink shield with the little built in fan… now i’m using the thermaltake tower 100, so by design of the case, there is a 120 mm fan directly facing it from the back (i believe it’s an exhaust fan). so i just left it as is. after some quick recent searches, i discovered its a better practice to use the front slot for its slightly better speed. concern 1; should i take the time to switch them??. and concern 2; is it okay if i just power it off and swap it being that it’s my only storage with my boot drive and everything else?