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Question Syncing Android phone to symbolic link folder on PC not working


Jan 28, 2016
My SyncMe Wireless Android app has multiple 2 way sync jobs between the micro SD card on the phone and my WD external drive on the Windows 10 PC.

Currently, in SyncMe, there are multiple syn jobs individually pointing to folders scattered throughout the WD drive. So, for productivity reasons, I just want to sync to a root folder on the WD drive containing symbolic link folders pointing to those scattered folders.

For testing purposes, I used this to create a symbolic link folder on the PC:

mklink /D "F:\Phone\Enigma" "F:\Entertainment\Songs\Enigma"

But, SyncMe fails with this standard error message for the sync job pointing to F:\Phone:

cannot read folder contents /Entertainment/Songs/Enigma. Computer error: The create operation stopped after reaching a symbolic link

SyncMe uses the SMBv1 protocol, but the PC's SMBv1 is already enabled in Turn Windows features on or off. I tried all sorts of configuration changes without success. Seems like I need to use an app with SMBv2 support.

I tried the SMBSync2 Android app, but no success as online SMBv2 configuration instructions for the PC were overcomplicated and didn't work.

I'm not even sure if the problem I'm having is related to SMB protocol compatibility.

How can I make Android sync jobs work with symbolic link folders on the PC? BTW, please accept my apologies if this is not the place to post this thread. Thanks.
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