Syncing File Dates Only


May 17, 2009
Setup a NAS this week... had 2x3TB drives in an HTPC and 2x3TB external drives for mirror backups.

I put the HTPC drives into a NAS (Wester Digital My Cloud EX2 Ultra) as JBOD not RAID, because I want 1 drive for movies, 1 for TV, and I still want to use FreeFileSync for making mirror backups.

Drive1 no problem, went through Windows 10, basically copy/pasted the files over, took 20h because I guess throttled at the USB2 speed of the external drive.

Saw a post saying FTP may make it faster so for Drive2, I used FTP. Bad mistake.

When I use FreeFileSync on Drive1, the files on the external all match the NAS and perfect.

When I use it on Drive2, it see's that the file dates were all changed by FileZilla and wants to update the files by overwriting everything which will take about 20h.

Is there a way to have the files on Drive2 remain the same and just the dates get all modded to match? or am I basically stuck doing a quick format and 20h of syncing again?

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