Question Syncing RGB lights using a 5v / 12v converter

Sep 4, 2020
Hey all, first PC build and regretfully I bought a case with fans + led strip that uses 3-pin RGB, but a CPU fan that uses 4-pin RGB. My MoBo (MSI Z390-A pro) only has 1 4-pin header for rgb controls, so as a result, I purchased an rgb converter that allows me to control both 3 and 4 pin fans / lights off of the single header on the mobo.

This works quite well, and does what I need, however I can't seem to get any effects to work (blinking, fading, etc.) When I try this happens

As you can see the cpu fan gradually fades but the case fans suddenly blink on and off, I know the case fans are capable of more complex effects as I've seen it occur when they are wired to the led control button on the top of the case (instead of to the motherboard)

Any help is appreciated!

tl;dr my 3 pin fan rgb's don't behave as expected when wired through an RGB converter and controlled by the 4 pin header on my MoBo