Question syncing to multiple cloud storage


Oct 12, 2014

I like keeping stuff backed up in manner that is handled by cloud storage, you drop a file on your local disk or in the cloud disk via web gui and it gets propagated around like magic. I have been using google drive but recently I picked up microsoft office suite which came with 1TB of storage on their one drive. Which sounds pretty handy since i primarily use a windows desktop. Instead of having one category of stuff in google drive and another in onedrive I wanted to sync my current folder I use for google drive to one drive as well. My initial thought was to just point one drive to same folder and hope for the best, unfortunately this went horribly wrong.

First both storage services stopped syncing, so I moved onedrive to point to another storage disk I have on the same computer and in the process it moved all the stuff out of my local folder used for google drive. This triggered a deletion of everything in my google drive, and I ended up staying up half the night restoring and putting everything back. So instead of my own experiments I figured get help, especially since I don't know the mechanics that these cloud storage software use. At the end of the day I am curious if I can set it up so I can have my own desktop as source of truth of all this data and both onedrive and google-drive maintain a synced backup that I can access from other devices too. The next thing I was going to try was to setup google drive by itself, have a local file sync software keep a duplicate elsewhere on my computer and point folder to be used with one drive But I honestly have no idea if file-sync software us

TL;DR how to sync same local folder to both google drive and one drive

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