Bradley Lind

Mar 2, 2015
I'm in the market to purchase a NAS for home use.

I've never owned a NAS before, so this would be a learning experience for me
Having done some research I found I would be most interested in a Synology branded NAS, I understand they are not the best price/performance, but they have a lot of ease of use.
(Akin to Nvidia GPU's instead of AMD GPU's for the ease of use, not the price/performance)

My main concern is that I am struggling to determine specs I would need from a NAS in order to meet my demands from it
  • The primary purpose for this NAS is to host home files and run my Plex server.
  • The heaviest load I would expect the NAS to take would be x2 Plex streams at once in higher resolutions
  • IDEALLY I would like a 4-bay NAS for futureproofing, but they seem WAY more expensive than the 2-bay NAS, so I'm open to either

What would be the best price/performance in the budget range of Synology that I would need?

Thanks in advance!