Jan 30, 2004
AFter duking with sysdata.xml BSOD for almost 2 months now with no success, i regretfully state that i have given up this fight. Tommorow or nex week, i will be dropping off my CPU to some computer technician who will charge me $65+ an hr, to hopefully fix my problem. But before i do so i would like to try one last time and ask the computing community for some aid. Thank you

sysdata.xml & minidump crashes and restarts. Just restarting anytime i perform some action with the computer. More so playing games like WC3 tft and CS: S. Internet connection just disconnects randomly.

Attempts to Resolve:
Deleting mididump folders in safe mode then sys. restore to good config, updating all drivers for all components, updating harddrive bios, rollback to previous drivers, Configuration of sysdata.xml file from 10 to 30 then 30 to 50, downloading all windows update fixes to this specific prob, did scandisk, memory test and cpu stress test to maybe corner the prob but all checked out ok, and then last but not least reformating. After all this i am still plauged with this BSOD.

I.AMD 3800+ X2 64bit
II.A8N-SLI Deluxe
III.Muskin XP PC4400 1gig
IV.Evega 7800gtx 256mb
V.SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS
VI.Maxtor DiamondMax 10 200GB
VII.Hiper Type-R Modular 580w PSU
VIII.LG DVD+-RW 16X Dual Layer
IX.Thermaltake VA3000 Tsunami
winxp sp2

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!


Oct 11, 2006
Does it do the crash while using your computer in safe mode?

If it were my system I would go into the BIOS and disable onboard sound, network card, comports, firewire, printer port and anything else not needed.

If it still had the problem after that I would go to my device manager, view resources by type and look for conflicts in IRQs and see if the NIC and vid card are sharing an IRQ. Its fine if usb hardware is sharing resources with other parts of the system but sometimes when two pieces of hardware are it causes probs.

If you take it to a tech shop you probably won't have the problem ironed out, instead you'll probably find yourself being billed for the time they spent doing what you did and then the time they take to find which piece of hardware to sell you to fix the prob.