System Beeping


Jan 28, 2002
Asus a7v266-e (audio and no raid)
Athlon xp 1700 (unclocked)
512 ddr pc2100 ecc
Western Dig. 80gig ata100 7200 rpm (primary IDE master)
Samsung 16x dvd/cd rom (2nd IDE master)
Philips 24x cdrw (2nd IDE slave)
Generic 3.5 floppy drive
Visiontek xtasy geforce4 mx420
Creative SB Audigy mp3+
Netgear lan card
Windows 2000 professional (fat32)

I am uncertain if this is something related to win2k pro or my mainboard, but when I hit and hold the shift+a+w keys on my keyboard my mainboard speaker starts beeping. This key combination is used in some games and applications I operate and I can't seem to find out what these keys are binded to or what is causing this. I have already checked bios and it doesnt seem like there is anything there that would cause this. Thanks for any help/advice/suggestions in advanced.

Does anybody have any JuMpEr CaBleS?


May 17, 2001
shift +a +w has to be the most dum combination of keys, CTRL +a +w is the same as alt/f4, and since ctrl is right below shift, it seems a bit stupid to me.

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