Question system blue screens and crashes in some games


Jul 30, 2019
I've been running this system for a while now and never had any issue but since I've started to play hoi4 it just dosent want to live.
I'll be playing and notice my card (a Vega 56) shoot up in power (I have a 1200w psu don't ask questions it was dirt cheap. Corsair ax1200)
it will shoot up in power 1 or 2 times and one of two things will happen it will either a. blue screen crash b. game will lag and I'll be kicked from it or just frozen.
I'm on the latest drivers so that's probably why (it was still a bit upset on older drivers as well).
I'm not sure what to do or test it seems to work fine on other games but will randomly shoot up in power or scenes that don't need it.
Vsync is on (duh it's a Vega.) I'm lost on what to do and didn't know if you guys could help or share some knowledge
Ryzen 5 2600x
Ml240? Liquid cooler
Aorus elite b450
500gb pny m.2 SSD
6tb storage
Power cool Vega 56 (reference)
Ax1200 psu
I have plenty of air flow (3 intake 3 out take ) my case is a deepcool v2 shield
Thanks for any help