Question System boots, no display

Apr 12, 2019
So i am building a system to be used as a data server for my house, and while putting it together to make sure it works before inserting it into the case, i came across a problem. The lights on the motherboard light up, the cpu cooler will start running, and the fans on the gpu will spin before stopping(the gpu has a silent running feature so im assuming this is whats happening there). The Issue is that i will get no display signal whatsoever.

The system specs.
AMD R5 2600
Asus Prime B450 motherboard
XPG Gammix D10 DDR4 2666 16gb
Asus Strix GTX 970
Seasonic M12 bronze evo edition 520w power supply.
Kingston 240gb ssd
(havent installed the 4tb hdd yet)
Is there anything with these specs that might cause an incompatibility. Im pretty sure i installed everything correctly, as 1 i double checked it all, and 2 because the lights on the motherboard and the fans started running. It appears like the system is sitting in the boot menu, waiting for the user, but i cant tell because there is no display. Any help would be appreciated