Question system build - need advice

Dec 15, 2018
so i bought a xeon 2680 and a unbranded motherboard it powered up but no monitor or keyboard. i troubleshoot for hours reseting things, ram, holding power button etc. i got no where my question is, is it the motherboard or the processor that is faulty. the motherboard is new, so i guess its the processor. would the processor stop the keyboard lighting up or monitor displaying and the motherboard states that its compatible with that series of processor.

as a side note from my old build those are the only two things i changed so i know its one or the other

this compatibility description:

Chipset and CPU
Support for 6/7 Serial chipset and for LGA2011, I7 Serial /E5-V1/E5-V2, I7 39xx serial/ E5-16XX E5-26XX E5-46XX serial processors, delivers great performance enchantment to system and ultimate scalability hardware expending.


With no signal on the monitor, issue could be with following components: CPU, MoBo, RAM, GPU.

Since only CPU and MoBo are new items in the setup, it narrows things down quite a bit. Here, i'd suspect the MoBo since 9 times out of 10 of these kind of problems, DOA (Dead on Arrival) MoBo is the culprit. Even brand new MoBos from reputable manufacturers have been DOA. Also, it doesn't help that you went with no-name MoBo. CPUs, in the other hand, have the highest longevity of all PC components with easily 10+ years of service life. Also, Xeon CPUs are built to last.

Only way to know for sure if MoBo is DOA, is when you have another, known to work, LGA2011 CPU to test out in that MoBo. And same thing vice-versa, you need known to work LGA2011 MoBo to test out if your Xeon works.

The proccesor might bee faulty.
Or maybe gpu if you have one.
If you have no clue what could be wrong, don't post vague answers like this.