Question System crash after moving PC - won't boot after significant troubleshooting


May 27, 2015
I've built more computers than I can count and my most recent build has been working fine for a long time:
i7 8700k
MSI Z370 SLI Plus
Corsair 32GB Ram
Thermaltake 750w
Thermaltake Water 3.0 AIO

I had to move my computer for some carpet people so I shut down, unplugged and moved it. When I plugged it back in, nothing. Zero power or anything. I checked to make sure the cords didn't come loose or anything obvious like that. PSU didn't pass the paperclip test so I got a new Corsair 750w and had the same results. Still completely dead with no signs of life.

I buy another motherboard ASUS PRIME Z390-A and that didn't power up. I couldn't get the new PSU to pass the paperclip test so I return it and get an EVGA 850w PSU.

Now with just the CPU, new ASUS motherboard, fan, one stick of RAM and the new PSU, the computer tries to start for a half second and dies. All lights on the motherboard still on. I've checked every connection, reseated the cpu, went through the stickied boot problem checklist and nothing. The only thing that hasn't been swapped are the cpu, ram and cpu fan. I can't see how any of those would get damaged moving the computer to another room?

Any help is appreciated!

Edit: I cleared CMOS a second time and tried again on the old MSI motherboard. The EZ-Debug LED is flashing the CPU. I've tried to reseat it multiple times and made no difference.

Edit 2: I thought there was a chance the computer was being shorted by the water cooler backing. I bought a new AIO and that didn' t fix anything. Also got a new cpu since the debug said that was the problem. No change... HELP!
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