Question System crashes and restarts with 'No Signal' message!


Nov 28, 2019
So I have my system built late last year and till now apart from a heating issue (about which I posted earlier here : and got so much help!) I have had no major problems except a "minor" one: Sometimes, while booting up the PC my Monitor would stay blank and show No Power message. Usually, it used to sort itself out after another restart. Today just some time before, while playing a game on Steam, my system crashed and restarted itself! A few minutes after it restarted, the same thing happened again! This time only my browser was open, nothing else... I viewed the Event Log and saved it in Text format. Now, my knowledge to these things are pretty limited, hence please help me understand what kind of problem am I facing here! I am attaching the text file and please do ask me to submit any other files needed... I will try my best to provide information as needed.
My PC specs :

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600
Motherboard: MSI B450 Tomahawk Max
Ram: 12GB ( DDR 4, Dual Channel, NB Frequency 1066.4 MHz)
SSD/HDD: WD SSD 256GB, Samsung EVO SSD 256GB, Seagate HDD 1 TB, Seagate External HDD 1 TB.
GPU: Gallax GeFOrce GTX 1660 Ti
PSU: Corsair VS 550W.
Cooler: Deepcool Gammaxx L120 V2 RGB LED CPU Liquid Cooler
Chassis: Ant Esports ICE - 300TG Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet with 4x120mm Fans( 3 front and one back)
OS: Win 10 Pro

The latest crash happened around the 2:46:10 AM Mark in the Log.
Do let me know if it can be viewed in other machines properly please!
I am adding a Drive link for the Text File here, please feel free to remove it if it violates any forum rule!
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