[SOLVED] system crashing constant when gaming

Aug 11, 2019
Hi all, can anyone shed some light on an error i keep getting, my computer is minutes from being tossed out of the window.

I am trying to play Fifa 19 or GTA V, i seem to get more crashes with Fifa 19, i can get to the menu and possibly play 1 match, then i get either a blue screen (but blank) then everything goes off, i loose the screen input, keyboard, rgb the lot but the computer stays running, from time to time i get an error about Dx, the descriptions of these Dx errors change but this is the only one i can get to replicate a few times.

GTA V will let me boot and play for a bit then it crashes to desktop with an unexpected error, i can restart the game and go again until the same thing happens.

When i get the crashes with Fifa the GPU fans drop not with GTA V though

My computer is about 1 month old i have

B450 tomahawk

Ryzen 2600

16gb ddr 4 corsair lpg 3200mhz

650w PSU

EVGA gtx980 hybrid ( used ) driver 436.48 (have tried others)

Gpu is OC using Afterburner

Core voltage +26

Power limit 124%

Temp limit 91c

Core clock +120

Memory clock +100

Fan speed 70%

Gpu will run repeatedly on unigene heaven, and does crash on firstrike 1 in 20 times.

Any advise guys?