System dead overnight, no screen


Mar 25, 2011
my 2nd rig we will call it is dead at the moment

ASUS mobo
4 GB ram
250 GB drive
8800 GTS

I was running this all day yesterday just fine.( its been running fine for months) went to bed, now i get a black screen, and no beep. I can hear the drive spinning up, i see lights on mobo. After about 1 minute, the "HDD" light on my case goes off, and i have nothing. id did a normal shutdown of the system. didnt just turn off.

I unplugged my vid card, and tried using the onboard, still nothing. i unplugged my storage drive, nothing. i removed one of the ram chips, nothing. unplugged the psu, waited a while, tried again, still nothing.

any ideas? the last time i had something similar happen, apparently i had some wicked virus. I was able to pull out my drive throw in another machine, and all kinds of AV warning came up. Same thing this time? the last time i at least still got a screen, it would go to the mobo flash screen, then just sit there.. this time, i get nothing right from the start.. bad mobo?

let me know of ideas, ways to solve,