Question System Fan not turning off at low temps on Soyo B660M

Jun 14, 2022
My PWM System and CPU fans are working ok at medium and high RPMs, following the temperatura curve (their variable RPM do work). However, they do not turn off when the temperature is bellow the settings threshold (45c), which is most of the time. I would really like them to turn off to reduce noise and wear.

My motherboard (Soyo Classic 660M) bios is configured as follows:
System Smart Fan Control: Automatic (Manual only allows fixed speed)
Fan off temp limit: 45
Fan start temp limit: 50
Fan Full speed temp limit: 55
Fan Start PWM: 70
PWM slope setting: 5

I did not find any "quiet fan" funcion in the bios. There is no windows app from soyo to control the fan as far as I know.
I could not find any support from SOYO so any help is appreciated.
Am I misssing something? Should not the fan turn off with these settings?

Motherboard Soyo Classic B660M
System Fans 4x Snowman PWM 4 pin120mm
CPU Intel i5 12600k
CPU Cooler Snowmann 4HP
32GB 3200 DDR4 TForce
Gigabyte Radeon 5700XT
NVME 1TB Netac NV3000
Windows 11 Pro 21H2
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