System for HD Video Editing around $2000


May 27, 2009
APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: 2 to 3 weeks, so that I can watch for July 4th deals.

BUDGET RANGE: US$2000 +/- 10%

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Only for HD Video Editing using Adobe CS4, NO internet, NO Games


PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: would like to avoid cause I live in NJ, so preferably Amazon,ZZF,any other reputable

PARTS PREFERENCES: I think the only thing I firmly decided in i7-920, should Vista only


MONITOR RESOLUTION: TWO 2560x1600 (dell 3007WFP-HC/ 3008WFP) (Don't worry this is not part of this budget.)


I recently bought Dell XPS 730x with i7-965 thinking it is their top of the line product and realized how foolish I was.I simply went to basics and started learning about computers and my search lead me to Tomshardware, thank you all for your kind nature to help us to educate ourselves. Now I decided to build PC of my own.

Before you help me decide my parts I would publish my curcial requirements.
I am starting a small home studio, shortly accepting more paying commercial work.

1.The case/Mobo should accomodate Min 6 hard Drives, 2-HDDs in RAID0 for OS and 4-HDDs in RAID 0 for Editing.
2.Mobo should have sufficient PCI slots for
a)Keep OS 2-HDDs in RAID0
b)RAID Card to keep 4-HDDs in RAID 0 - This will definitely a RAID card, not Mobo based(we will discuss this later)
c)RAID Card to attach external 8-Bay RAID 1+0 Tower using card like RocketRAID 2322(we will discuss this later)
3.Not interested in any Audio Card, on board is more than enough.
4.Planning to do moderate overclocking, say a level of 3.4Ghz/3.5Ghz, where system can run stably 24/7 under Air Cooled case.
5.Intially I will start with 6GB of RAM, but after 3 months I will add another 6GB to make it total 12GB, please keep the compatibility in mind.
6.Will be adding, Half height LTO-3 Tape Drive in to the same case, unless you recommend avoid this.
7.Not Sure if SLi has any benefits in Video Editing, but prefer to keep only Single card, so that I can add Blackmagic/Kona Card Later
8.There will be TWO disk drives, a)one DVD R/W today b)another BD-ROM shortly later
9.I will be watching for deals from now to July 4th for any possible deals based on recommendation, else I will be booking them during 4th weekend based on your


OK, Let us go into the parts details.

I don't think anyone has objection with i7-920 with D0 stepping.

2. Case
While I have no problem with Antec 1200 OR HAF 932 case, but someone on this forum pointing out that it is more of Gamers case, may not look nine for Preofessional

setup. Antec 1200 comes with all required fans, for HAF 932 I may have to buy more fans.
Suggest me some other ideas that are strong, durable and have good cooling which doesn't blow wallet.

3. PSU
I guess with the kind of setup I may need 1000W,(some online calculators gave me 897W, of course unless during our discussion we discount some of the items).
so I it Corsair 1000W a absolute must, it's cost $209 AR + Tax from newegg
where as Antec TruePower Quattro TPQ-1000 1000W ATX is available $165 from Frys.(of course currently OOS, but seen similar price at ZZF or TigerDirect)
*** I will be taking this system to 240V country, so please suggest PSU that is known to be comfortable with 50Hz cycle current too.(I know all PSUs are dual voltage/frequency switchable, but heard some are more susceptable to frequency spikes)

I have ASUS P6T Dlx V2 in Mind. this looks like big stuff for me.
Do I need any of these ASUS Rampage Extreme OR Gigabyte UD5 OR EVGA Classified..? (Remember the above PCI card and HDD requirements)

5. RAM
Currently OCZ Platinum 1600(7-7-7-24) is available for 84.99(AR) and OCZ Gold 1600(8-8-8-24)is available for 79.99(AR)
I hope this brand is OK, unless someone strongly recommends Corsair/other for any good reason.
Remember, I am planning to first go with 6GB and later to 12GB, OR do you suggest to go with 12GB tested sets in the begining itself..?

I know the house preference is Xigmatek Darknight, somehow I like to the look of Zalman 9900/9700.
If we choose Antec 1200 OR anyother inside visisble case, any problem choosing Zalman.

7.Thermal Paste
Just for learning purpose, either Processor OR CPU Cooler comes with a Thermal, why do people recommend some additional paste, please educate me..?

8. HDDs
I have not fully understood the importance of SSDs or Velociraptors.
I have TWO WD Black Caviar 640GBs in RAID 0 in mind for Operating system and
will go with Samsung Spinpoint HE103UJ(Raid Class) for rest of four drives(but we can keep this discussion separate as long as we provision this in case/Mobo selection)

9.DVD Drives
I haven't seen anyone talking bad about Samsung/LG dvd R/W, so based on time I will choose.
BTW what is your opinion on this drive, it is on ONE day sale for $55(with coupon)
Sony 2x BD-ROM, 8x DVD-ROM drive

10. OS
It's no doubt Vista Home Premium, which is table currenly, unless someone explicitly worked with Win-7 and Adobe PremierePro with great results.

11.Keyboard & Mice
No preference, Open for suggestions

12.Video Card
Not sure if Dual cards have any performance improvement in Video Editing. So planning to start with GTX 285.
It seems, in the video world, they tend to recommend ATI cards for Mac and nVidia cards for Windows user. That's how I started with GTX 285 in mind.
You inputs are invaluable.

13. Reference to point 2-b) above, can anyone recommend a good Hardware Raid Card and 8-Bay tower to set up RAID 1+0 array for reliable backup.

If I have missed anything, please feel free add/comment

Thanks a ton in advance.



May 27, 2009
If it is straight forward answer I would have conclude it out of several threads I read.
Since I am newbie, that's why I am looking for expert help


1. Antec sonatas, 1200, 900, haf 932, cm 690, all those cases should be fine. There are also lian lis, but they tend to have a 'tax' just like apple hardware.

2. It seems like you need an x58 motherboard with 3 pci slots.... In that case you would be forced to use the ASRock x58 motherboards.

3. You are completely right, x58 motherboards these days tend to have hd audio
support built right in, so no dedicated audio card is needed.

4. I would probably go with the Antec 1200 then. The case just looks more professional then the Haf 932 (though both are gaming, not professional cases). If those won't work or are too informal, head on over to the Antec Sonata series cases. I hear the p182 and 183 are very nice.

5. Get some 1333mhz or 1600mhz ddr3 ram. OCZ, Corsair, Gskill and Kingston all work fine. Bear in mind that you will be hard pressed to get a rebate back from OCZ.

6. I have no expertise in tape drives.

7. Good choice. I am against multi GPU setups as they tend to have low performance gains when compared to heat and energy use increase, which will be ever more important in a business computer (where silence is golden).

8. Get the Samsung sata 22x dvd burner right now. Then wait until whenever convenient to get the lg sata blu ray player (oems are fine).

9. OK

Quote "OK, Let us go into the parts details."

1. Processor is fine.

2. Go with the 1200 out of those 2, otherwise a sonata series case, or a cm 690 <-- great case.

3. PSU choice is fine.

4. I think the p6t deluxe v2 is a great choice but to be honest you're going to be fine wiht the regular p6t. Its an excellent mobo for the price and you aren't really sacrificing much except for a funky chipset heatsink. Besides, for your needs you won't really be overclocking to 4.1934wth689017:D2548haha63947lol86 ghz or anything..

5. You should be fine with either brands, but watch out for the crappy mail in rebate system with ocz. YOU WONT GET YOUR 20 buck back...

6. No experience with Zalmon. I hear it's really overpriced though. You're much better off wiht the xigmatech, or a scythe mugen2.

7. People recomend 3rd party thermal paste because its often of a higher quality. Examples like arctic silver 5 are almost entirely made out of silver (which has the 2nd best thermal properties on the planet after diamonds) improve temperatures by as much as 10 degrees. its a simple way to cool your machine.To be honest though, you won't need it because you aren't overclocking that high and you arent a gamer. its out there if you want it though.

8. SSDs and velociraptors basically have faster access speeds, but they won't be that important unless you are doing massive gaming or multimedia encoding. For most people, 5400rpm speeds are fine. For enthusiasts, 7200rpm is good. Finally, for crazies, you have ssds and 10400rpm (i think) velociraptors.

9. Get the samsung. The 2x blu ray player is really slow, get the lg blur ray player off newegg. it has 6x or 8x speeds and is highly rater.

10. I use windows 7 and I haven 't seen a different between the performance against vista. I'd say stick to the release candidate for now and get windwos 7 when it comes out later this year.

11. I'm not really an expert on wired keyboards as i use wireless ones. I use the logitech cordless wave pro since I got it for 100 instead of 150... anyways, the logitech s510 is a good combo too.

12. Skip the gtx cards and go for the quadro series. Those are more professionally oriented and will be better for you than the enthusiast cards are.

13. I can't sorry.

p.s. good luck


May 27, 2009
How is the feedback on Thermaltake Spedo Adv Package..?Can it fit ASUS P6T V2 and GTX 275..?
Currently it's on deals at newegg