Question System freezes after exiting BIOS ?


Jul 7, 2012
Recently built a new system with some older parts brought over from my previous computer.

Whenever I leave the BIOS by hitting "Save Changes and Exit" or "Discard Changes and Exit" (either one) the system will restart and then show a black screen with the ASRock logo and the spinning Windows loading icon at the bottom. Up to that point it is normal, but after a second or two the loading icon will stop spinning and the computer just completely freezes up. I'm forced to power cycle the computer by holding down the power button. When I turn it back on the computer starts up normally and I can log in just fine. The freeze ONLY happens after leaving the BIOS and restarting.

There have been a couple instances where the computer will keep "loading" and the circle will keep spinning, but after 5 or so minutes I'll get hit with a BSOD with the error DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE. I did a BlueScreenChecker and all it pointed to was a kernel system file I think. I can't remember exactly as the BSOD is honestly inconsistent. It's only happened maybe two times.

I've attempted a lot to try and fix this. Fresh install of Windows, new drivers, reinstalling graphics and chipset drivers, unplugging all peripherals, resetting and updating BIOS, MemTest, system checker via PowerShell, basically anything I could think of.

I contacted ASRock support to see what they thought, and they just said "Sounds like a bad motherboard to me". I feel like if this was a motherboard issue, then other things would be happening as well. As it stands, this ONLY happens after I exit the BIOS. The inconsistent BSOD error doesn't help my troubleshooting process either. Other than that the system starts up and runs just fine.

Any tips would be appreciated.

Windows 11 Pro
Ryzen 7 7700x
ASRock X670E PG Lightning
G.Skill FlareX DDR5-6000 32 GB
XFX 6900 XT
EVGA SuperNova GT 1000w
Samsung 840 EVO 250 GB
WD Blue 4 TB HDD