[SOLVED] System Freezes after replacing faulty HDD

Sep 28, 2019
Hi All
Need advice regarding PC freezing after replacing new HDD.

I'm running below specs:
8GB RAM | Intel i5-4570 | Gigabyte HD87 MB | ANTENC 650W PSU | Nvidia GTX970. All in standard mode. no overclock.

After 5 years of usage recently my PC would show no booting device error out of the blue. Replace the faulty HDD with similar spec Seagate 7200rpm 1TB. Reinstalled windows.
Boot issues were fixed however now the PC freezes after 10-15mins of usage. Basic programs don't run even with no background activities and just blank black screen appears with CPU still running.

Cleaned the unit for dust. The HDD is 90% empty since it is new. The problem persists. CPU temp is max 52C.