Question System freezes randomly, black screens & artifacts ?

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Feb 21, 2023
Hey guys, I need help! I built my PC back in 2022 October with no GPU using only the iGPU, everything was working fine for a few weeks but suddenly after 6-7 weeks may be, I started noticing random system halts, black screens & restarting issues, twice or more times a week. I was using windows 10 (Pirated Version) back than I thought it was a windows issue, I reinstalled it but issue remained. I did some research which lead me to viewing reliability history and there were some errors of window COM.APPs Update failed, other than this error there was no issue what so ever. No Heat up issue no RAM issue as I Stress tested everything and my system never crashed, After a while this started happening more. Now I started testing more things out Like turning off my E-Cores and disabling XMP, lowering RAM Speeds, Updating Bios & updating Drivers yet nothing solved this issue. after awhile suddenly my NVMe died on me, I had to switch to a Normal SSD (which I am using till date) with Window 11 Pro (Pirated Version) hoping that windows 11 might solve the issue maybe.

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On Windows 11 I saw this issue went away for a while on iGPU, rarely happening, then after a month I started using a RX 580 and I noticed the issue went away completely which lead me to believe that it was an issue with my iGPU, however unfortunately that RX 580 died preventing me from doing more research and testing (I was scammed by a seller as I bought a hard mined card with no info about its mining, yet there was an error in the windows reliability saying something about my PCI-E Lane error of this I have no idea as of what it meant hence I ignored it) and shifted back to iGPU. ANNND it came back again causing blacks screens and system halts, whenever my I shut my system down or it gets turned off due to a power outage, After which, I have turn the system on again after letting it rest for while, it has to freeze at least once at some point, it may happen when I am in game or just browsing it has no fixed time, just happens randomly. I even tried waiting for it to go away once.
Now What happens when my system freezes, sometimes there is just a black screen sometime there are artifacts, RGB lights get stuck in a single color loop, stopping any effects applied to them, Keyboard & Mouse stop working only solution is to turn of the system from the power button or the PSU and start it again) after which the system works normally, nothing will crash the system now no matter what I do.

I have tried almost everything and I am really trying to figure this out cause this issue is just draining my hardware's life, as I have force restart it again and again.

I aslo noticed random jerks and stutters while playing games like LOL, Valorant or CS : Go

What I have tried so far:
  • Stress Testing CPU & RAM using different tools (No Issues, No Crashes)
  • Stress Testing iGPU using FurMark (No Issues, No Crashes)
  • Monitored Temps on no stress (25-35) & on Stress (89-91)
  • Testing with GPU (The issue went away, but it did crash once or twice over the course of 2 months)
  • Turned off my E-Cores (still off to this day)
  • Turned off XMP (Nothing Changed)
  • Tried lower RAM Speeds
  • Tried multiple copies of Windows (All Pirated thou :p)
  • Tried using different monitors, Resolutions
  • Tried Gaming for 12-16 Hours straight on iGPU (No Crashes)
  • Tried not shutting the system down for more than a week, (Sometimes crashes, sometimes it doesn't
  • Tried RAM slot switching (didn't swap as I don't have much resources to do so.)
Hardware & Software Info (Everything listed is brand new)
  • Core i7 12700
  • Gigabyte B660 X AX WiFi
  • Addlink 32 GB DDR4 3200 Mhz CL16
  • 4 TB Seagate barracuda Compute 5200 RPM
  • XPG 256 GB NVMe 3X4 SX6000 Lite (died) Currently Using 120GB Biostar S120 120GB
  • CPU Cooler Deepcool CASTLE 240RGB V2
  • PSU Deepcool DA700 80+ Bronze
  • Case Deepcool CL500 Mid Tower
  • Power Brick with Max Load Cap of 1.5 KVA
  • Only Used thing in my setup is one 1TB Seagate Barracuda (Which is rarely used)
  • Windows 11 Pro (Pirated gonna buy an official copy to test now)
  • Norton 360 Anitvirus
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