Question System Freezes with no response whatsoever


Feb 13, 2017
Freezing started suddenly after I foolishly installed a Malware disguised as Game. It installed files for 2 hours (God knows what). Ever since, the PC Freezes BUT only while Gaming (tried 3 more games). Strangely works fine while browsing. We reinstalled windows suspecting windows files may have been corrupted. Re-did Nvidia drivers , bios reset, anti-malware etc. But games still freeze.

I ran a hard disk software Crystaldiskinfo and it gave me 'caution' on the both HDDs (1.5TB+500GB) but not SSD(that has windows).
Could it be Hard Disk failing? OR maybe GPU. Caz happens only when games run. Could anyone suggest a better software to diagnose Hard drives even further. Appreciate your help.

UPDATE: I ran Seagate/WD disk diagnostic tools and both came as ¨PASS¨ (short and long test).

System Specs:- ( some parts carried forward from previous build )
10600K + MSI Z490 Gaming Plus (NEW)
Corsair Vengence Pro 16GB 3200mhz (NEW)
Zalman CNPS10x extreme (used)
Strix 1080Ti (used)
Corsair AX 860i (used)
LG Ultrawide 144hz (used)
HDD 1.5 + 500GB (used)
Win 10 on 128GB SSD (used)
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