System Freezing during gameplay


Aug 27, 2011
Hey everyone,

I recently built a new system:
Corsair 600t
ASUS p8z68-vPro motherboard
Intel i7 2600k
8GB Ripjaws Ram 1666mhz
1TB Black Caviar WD memory
Corsair HX850 Professional Series

When I am Playing a game (RIFT) at the highest resolution and on "ultra" for the detailed graphic settings it freezes from time to time. When it freezes the computer is completely unresponsive, i cant force quit out of anything and an awful noise comes over the speakers. When i first built the computer it happened frequently and after some figuring out it seemed that the CPU was overheating. I checked my Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus and saw that the thermal paste somehow wasn't covering nearly a third of the cpu surface area, and figured that was the problem. I purchased a Corsair H80 in the meantime and installed that immediately after taking apart the 212 plus. The problem seemed to completely go away with the H80 installed but it still seems now that after around 2 hours of gameplay the computer will freeze again. When i am measuring my GPU and CPU temps they always seem very good. The CPU temps rarely break 50C and the GPU with load is in the 80's which seems to be normal. Am i just pushing the computer too hard or is there something wrong with motherboard, CPU, GPU, or BIOS settings???? Thanks for the help sorry this is a lengthy post.


Dec 28, 2002
Temps are good.

You might check to see if you have all the lastest drivers for your BIOS and GPU.

Also you could download MSI Afterburner, LINK, and with this program adjust your fan speed on your GPU to ~ 60 - 80% to see if that helps.

Just could be that you are getting a slow build-up of heat that is affecting your PC.