System freezing, just the facts


Jan 21, 2003
having some issues with my system, I'll post just the facts to try not and sway anyone and see what your thoughts on it compared to mine are.

been running an overclocked E6400 on a P965 board with a 7900GS for a little over 2 years with no problems.

about two weeks ago the post screen no longer showed it was overclocked even though the settings were showing it as correct in the bios. I had to clear the cmos to fix this, I now have to clear the cmos around every two days for it to OC.

running Win 7 beta 7000 for months with no issues with my 7900gs

upgraded to 7068

had 7068 running for about 2 days and installed a GTS 250, aka 9800gtx+. about 10 minutes into any game the whole system would freeze, seemed to revert to about 16 colors with a checkerboard pattern on the screen.

i dual boot windows 2003, loaded it up and could not replicate the problem. ran 3dmark06 with no problems, then tried a gpu stress test and fried my psu. I had a 400w psu that was a few years old, thought it was a 500w.

i live in a smaller town and went to a local shop for a psu just to get going. Its a cheap one that claims 575w and 25a on the 12v rail. box for the gts 250 says min requirement is 24a.

i've tried doing clean reinstals of 7000,7057 and 7068, they all get the same results. I have tried all of them with the windows 7 drivers from the nvidia website. I have not tried it with the default windows drivers. It will also freeze sometimes just by opening something like IE or hitting the logout button. It has also done this on initial startup while going to desktop.

I have not been able to get the problem in win 2003, I ran flight sim 2004 on it the other day for hours and played some CoD5. I'm going to boot into win 2003 more and see if it will happen.



Apr 6, 2009
I have 7 ver 7068 and have had no prob with my 2 8800gts. I did though go to nvidias site and Dl the newest Win7 dirvers. Id assume you already did the same. If not, that's the only thing i can think of. Good luck