Question System getting power but not booting

Aug 12, 2020
Hey, so I was wondering if anyone could help me find out what's wrong with my system.

Today I got a 2070 super to install into my computer. I was able to boot and use the computer just as I usually would with the new card installed. Then I went to go re-seat my graphics card, so that the power cables could be better routed and the system would refuse to turn on. When I turned the power supply on, lights on my motherboard came on, but when I went to turn the pc on, nothing happened, not even fan movement.

So I made sure that my power button header was connected properly and tried again, same thing occurred. I've now taken my pc out of the case and tried booting it with 1 stick of RAM, the CPU, an NVME drive, and the 24-pin and CPU power cables connected and still no boot.

Does anyone have an idea of what would be causing a system that was working perfectly fine to not boot whatsoever after re-seating a graphics card?