Question system hang in both linux and windows & hard usage become 100% & boot failure!

Sep 7, 2019
hi everbody,recently im facing a problem with my system as i describe below:
1-first of all my system hangs in any os (not surly a software issue)
2-when it hangs my task manager shows that ssd usage is 100% and all the stats are 0!(ssd lose connection to mainboard or power failure i dunno exactly but ram and cpu usages are ok) its like there is no hard disk connected and nothing work except mouse cursor!
3-i have to shutdown by button to overcome the issue(restart wont work cause if i do that system wont recognize ssd and wont boot) but strangely after shutdown and power on everything works fine till next hang!
4-ssd is ok cause its new and i did several ssd health tests by several softwares and they say that its doing well and healthy!
5-i did passmark burn in test 2 times to make stress over SSD,RAM,CPU and nothing happen! :|
any help would be welcomed since its driving me crazy!
im a software developer mostly used tools are android studio and emulator(ram hungry tools!)

cpu i5 4460
ram 8 ddr3
main giga h81m
gpu ATI 4600 series