Question System has been crashing recently, could it be because the M.2 SSD is getting too hot ?

So my system started crashing from last few days i have noticed this like while gaming i thought it was some drivers
but i already did clean install of windows just now and then installed everything again still it happened i was like.... now what...
So i checked HW monitor and SSD temp was 95'C as shown below:


The system crashes even if i am just trying to copy any file to this SSD, at start the data transfer speed is fast then it drops and if i am using cursor it starts hanging and system crashes.
I get a BSOD but it's gone so fast I can't even read the error code.

Is the M.2 SSD temp the reason for the crashes? it didn't happened from last few months but now all of sudden it started overheating, what could be the reason ?
I also noticed the thermal pads on the board grill are oily too.

Specs to my build;
Asus Maximus Z690 Hero
Intel I9-12900K
NZXT Kraken Z73 Cooler
2x32GB Corsair Vengence 5200Mhz
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I was going to ask you for your system's specs until I noticed something listed in your sig space. Please be wary that sig space specs can and will change over time. When that happens this thread and it's relevant suggestions/solutions can possibly be rendered moot to the person in the same boat as you're in now. If they are indeed the specs to the system you're working with then I've shoehorned them into your opening post. Hope you don't mind.

With that said, what BIOS version are you currently on for your motherboard? Using Samsung's Magician app, did you verify that you're on the latest firmware update for the drive? Speaking of drive, which slot is the SSD occupying on your motherboard? Make and model of your case and the orientation as well as number of fans in your build?