Question System is constantly crashing


Jun 1, 2016
So I have been running my system stable for more than a year now since I bought everything and put it together. I am on the latest windows 10 update. I got 32GB's of memory and a Ryzen 5900X. My system has been crashing for a few weeks now, what happens is that programs start to become unresponsive sometimes and somtimes my monitors turn black and turn back on and I have to kill em and restart them. My ram usage never exceeds 20GB out of the 32GB but when i opened my task manager to kill chrome again because it crashed it saw a warning in the top of task manager saying "your device is running low on memory". I checked my RAM usage and it was using around 18GBs of the 32. I might just need to reformat my drivves and start clean, but atm i am way to busy for that and i have a lot of necessary stuff installed that will be a huge pain to reinstall.

This started after performing an windows update. I don't really remmeber which one, but it was like 2-3 weeks ago.

Any help would be much appreciated, I am running a virus scan atm but I doubt it is that. If there are any more details needed please don't hesitate to ask.