System keeps randomly shutting off


Dec 2, 2006
I havent experienced anything like this before. My computer the last 2 days has been shutting down randomly without me touching anything or running any programs. I have switched out the processors, ram, and motherboard and tested the PSU and theyre all fine. What could be the problem?

evga 680i SLI
C2D e6400
8800GTS G92 512mb
4 GB (2x2GB) Patriot Viper 5-5-5-12
OCZ 700watt SLI compatible

All i have reset back to stock because i believed it was a voltage issue with a previous overclock but that wasnt the problem so i believe at this point that it is a hardware issue.

*UPDATE* After fiddling with it a little more i found out that the PSU is making sporadic clicking noises when the pc is on and the longer it has been on the windows XP welcome screen the quicker the sporadic pace becomes and when it hits a pretty good pace it shuts off. Im thinming that could be something like a circuit breaker of some sort but again im not sure so i need help/suggestions...

ALSO i just checked the CPU temperature and its running unusually high for a stock 2.13ghz speed. It is at 52-54 average and it used to run 35-40 average with a Freezerpro 7 heatsink. Im not sure what this means
Put your hand under the HD as it's making that clicking noise. That type of noise is usually from the spinning of the HD, which would be loading during windows boot. There may be a bad disc sector where windows is trying to retrieve data.



Jun 1, 2006
Yes, determine what is actually doing the 'clicking' and change it out for a new one ASAP. And are you saying it was still restartin/shuttin down after you set everything back to stock? Overclocking might have fried your powersupply as it has to dish out more power.
As you tried switching out everything but the Powersupply or HDD, i would think its one of those..