Question System lags and mouse flickers constantly when not in tablet orientation


Mar 7, 2015
The problem started on 24th March. My laptop (Windows 10 Pro 64 bit) was running slower than usual and the mouse cursor was constantly flickering. I couldn't use the copy paste shortcuts from the keyboard, as well as type a damn question mark. Checked the recently installed programs and uninstalled some suspicious looking ones. Also tried restarting the system, ending Windows Explorer from Task Manager, running it again and doing a Malwarebytes scan. Nothing.

A day later, I used the Reset feature from the recovery options, opting to keep personal files. All the third-party apps were uninstalled yet the problem still persisted. I ran a Windows Security quick scan and found 1 threat, which was removed and restarted. Asked around on Microsoft site ( and ran the DISM.exe tool, but no improvement. Working in spite of the problem, I discovered something interesting.

My laptop is convertible to a tablet and when I rotate the LCD panel more than 180 deg (which shows the option to switch Windows to tablet mode), everything works fine! The mouse doesn't flicker, the lag vanishes instantly the moment I rotate the screen to tablet orientation. It doesn't matter if I remain in laptop mode or tablet mode (option available in the Notif panel), when the keyboard and touchpad stop working in this orientation, it all works okay. I can also use a wireless mouse perfectly fine. So I tried updating the mouse, touchpad and keypad drivers but still nothing.

What exactly is the problem?