Question System massively sluggish when new HDD is connected.

May 24, 2019
Greetings Forum Users,

This is my first time posting on this forum like this so that's awesome. Anyway

Strange situation with a 5 day young Seagate Barracuda 1tb hard disk which seems to really slow down the system once connected to the motherboard. Copied in some data but later, Media files would take forever to play. Same with Search of files in the partitions.
- All tests and parameters are ok as tested on Seatools and HD tune for 3 days straight. Zero Formatted the drive yet no change in behaviour.

- HDD exhibits slow response in Safe Mode. No disk / resource consuming programs in resource monitor. Great read/Write speeds on benchmark tests but super slow to access and copy.

- I connected the drive to a Powered Casing and used it on a different windows system and the drive works fine with no lag whatsoever.

- Used the drive on a different system for a while. No problems whatsoever.

Back to my system, I tried multiple cables and all ports all to the same result so I ended up reinstalling windows.

X64 Windows 7 Standard Embedded

Drive worked ok. Used it one whole day to check if the issue persisted. Everything was finally working ok.

- With no issues showing up, I started installing the network and HW drivers and the used the system several times over the next few days. Sometimes, windows would take a little longer than usual to load the partitions of the new drive but nothing worrisome.

- Copied the data from backup drives to the hdd. and checked response speed of folder operations etc. No problems whatsoever. For once in many days, my mind would breeze over the ideas of ice cream [redacted] and some Apex, but after my last relationship, I've learnt to curb my enthusiasm more effectively. It helped me deal a little better with what happened next.

- Installed all the softwares and plugins and other stuff like drivers and ui of soundcard etc
everything worked fine. for two days, rather till yesterday afternoon when i finished work and left for lunch. I had shut the system down.

- When I powered the system back up, it wont move past windows logo. checked in BIOS and the new HDD wasn't showing. Replugged the connections and Bios detected the drive but windows won't detect it in Explorer. On trying to restart, the system won't move past shutting down and boom,
BSOD. Driver Power State Failure 0x9F error.

- Restarted in safe mode, drive took a bit longer than usual to show in windows explorer but once it did, it worked smoothly. Ran Chkdsk. No errors.No errors. Changed RAM slots, replaced the ram sticks with different ones. Restarted the system, windows would load but freeze as soon as Desktop home screen loaded. FML

  • Disconnected the New HDD, restarted the system only with SSD. Same issue. System boots and freezes at windows desktop home screen.
  • Restarted System in Safe Mode. System booted as it should.
  • Ran Event Viewer. Uploading the screenshots.
  • initiated System Restore. And restarted the system.
  • The system booted normally and worked absolutely fine.
  • Reconnected the new HDD and restarted the system.
_ The system took a atleast 5 times the normal time to load and once done, Windows explorer took atleast 2 minutes to read all the partitions of the HDD after the device drivers were automatically installed.

I am sending this message from this point as I have no idea what to do about this situation. Any help would be much appreciated

Just after typing in this post, I opened My Computer and the HDD is nowhere to be seen.

De Facto

- The system freezes at shutting down if i have both the HDD and an external Drive connected, until i unplug the external drive or the internal drive.

- Connecting more than one power consuming devices like external drives, Midi Keyboard, Sound cards etc would result in lesser power output to at least one of the devices connected to the USB ports.

- It seems like the system becomes extremely sluggish when there are multiple programs being run and data present on the internal drive is being used eg in a media player or DAW. Wthout the Internal HDD, the system works absolutely smooth.

Also of late, my Midi Controller wont fire up until I remove an external HD from the other USB port.

W7 - embedded x64
fx6100 Bulldozer
Asus m5A78M
intel 5 series SSD bootable
Corsair 8gb 1600 DDR3
Focusrite 6i6
Win 7 x64 Ultimate

Grateful for your time....

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You might want to get back to us regarding the BIOS version you're currently on. See if you have any BIOS updates pending. How old is your PSU? You mentioned the wattage on the unit but failed to mention the make and model of the unit.
Apr 14, 2019
Err, I think you need a new computer. Amazon has some good deals or take chances on eBay auction some really good deals there on used pc or instead of external hdd add an internal 2 tb drive if sata port is available-80 -120 dollars for 2 tb on ebay
Apr 14, 2019
Err, I think you need a new computer. Amazon has some good deals or take chances on eBay auction some really good deals there on used pc or instead of external hdd add an internal 2 tb drive if sata port is available-80 -120 dollars for 2 tb on ebay
ps wasn't being flippant it appears you have a weak Bios hard to repair bios programming if base is weak updating won't help much