System Mechanic on Win 10x64


Dec 25, 2012
I have installed Iolo's System Mechanic in Win 10x64 ent. That software has a feature called PowerSense and that is what I have questions about.

1. Sometimes photoshop is acting weird when running under Mechanic's Ultimate Performance mode, the photoshop freezes for a while and HD is working as if something is going on. After a short while Photoshop unfreezes and all is well. Does anyone ran into the same problem?

2. Does the powersense help at all or it is just bs hype on the net?? I was living without it and now , since I have the software, I want to use it, but I really don't see any changes.

3. When I scan for problem the Mechanic ALWAYS reports that I have 362. mb of wasted space. hahaha. Even after I rescan, after cleaning the HD, same number pops up. I wonder why?

4.PowerSense does not switch back to Web Browsing mode after I exit my games or Photoshop. Basically it does not trigger back after it was triggered into Ultimate Performance mode. Is there a way to fix it?

The most important question: Does System Mechanic work under Win 10 or it is broken and buggy?

System Mechanic

Thank you in advance.
Uninstall that thing, like most "tuneup" software all it does is ruin your computer in the long run. To be on the safe side check for viruses too, some of the "free" installers (*cough* download.con *cough*) can carry malware.

Doesn't matter. Uninstall it and check for malware.

Windows 8 and later have very sensitive power saving methods that garbage like that interferes with. By itself Windows WILL do exactly what you want from that "powersense" thing, and do it much better since it works at a lower level. Here's some more information: