Question system not at its full capacity

Jul 14, 2019
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 8GB
Corsair 16GB 3000mhz
Ryzen 5 2600 3.4Ghz

So when I'm playing fortnite and other games the system only uses half of its capacity.
Like I get 60% at cpu 60%gpu and 40% ram usage. Its really annoying because of the fps drops I get. V-sync is turned off and I have the latest nvidia drivers and windows updates. I have not tried out any hard demanding games. And since I have 144hz monitor I want the fps to be at 144 always but the system don't want to..


Only going to use the system resources necessary to meet the demand you ask of it. Chances are good that very few games you have will use all 12 threads of your CPU to the max (performance would be very irregular if it was completely pegged all the time)

If you want to use more GPU, increase resolution or settings.

If you are expecting 144FPS and not getting it, what are you getting? If is a fixed value like 60hz or something, then you have some in game limiter turned on, or a setting in the Nvidia control panel. Make sure your monitor is actually running at 144hz.


What do you have for storage? If you are using a hard drive for the game files, make sure that you have set the drive to not sleep. That can cause massive issues. If the game is installed on an SSD I would not expect any problems from storage demands.

That leaves other software. What else is running on the system when you are gaming?

I can't imagine it being unplayable at 120FPS, are you experiencing stuttering or some other bad effect?

As always, monitor your temperatures. You could be overheating the GPU or CPU and they are throttling.