Question System not booting

Jul 12, 2019
Hi, i have Dell Inspiron 3567 i5 7200u laptop with 6 gb ddr4 2400mhz (1 gb and other 2 gb) and 1tb hd.

When it all started: Recently i upgraded my secondary storage to Samsung EVO 860 500gb ssd and i also placed my previous HD via caddy.

Problem: When it came to upgrading RAM, the shopkeeper told me that he removed 2 gb stick and placed new 4 gb ddr4 2666mhz pairing with my previous 4 gb ddr 2400 mhz, and it is not working/booting, so i told him to leave the RAM to my previous ones i.e. 6 gb. A day later, my system had some issues like, a jerk to laptop, stucks screen and i had to forced shutdown but system was booting fine, i revisited the shop, and he said it could b RAM or Motherboard issue. He switched both RAMs with each other and booted, but still jerk issue was there. But on same day, after getting home, the laptop is not booting and showing nothing, the power light blinks some white and orange lights and it does not start. Kindly help...
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