System not posting, fans spinning


Jul 12, 2011
Hello All,
I have an AMD X4 9150e chip running on an asrock n68 motherboard with 8 gigs of 1066 ram. The system has run fine for 2 years but recently it has crapped out.

When you turn it on the lights come on, the fans spin up, the dvd drive and hard drive spin up but it does not post, no beeps nothing, nothing comes up on the screen.

I tried removing the video card and using the on board, nothing

I tried replacing the mobo, nothing

I tried replacing the power supply, nothing

I tried removing it from the case and bread boarding it, nothing

Any ideas? I am at my witt's end here. as it does not make any sense why I cant even get a beep.


Hi there, welcome to the forums.
I know you said you troubleshooted, but I'll go ahead and link this thread: Look through and follow what you havent done.

To me, it sounds like a display issue. Have you checked the monitor? I was in the same situation you were for a while, and it turned out it was my monitor.

Let me know what the guide turns up!


Follow the guide I linked above, especially the breadboarding part. That would eliminate all odds of a case related issue. Pull everything off the board that isn't vital (DVD, HDD, GPU, any USB devices) and see if you get something to show up.