Build Advice System not powering on

Oct 22, 2021
So ive had my build in its current configuration for about a year now and i turned it off last night to go to bed, wake up press the power button and it does nothing what so ever. I checked all the cables and they all seemed to be in snug and still didnt do anything no lights whatsoever. Fast forward a couple hours I’ve removed the MB from the case aswell as my PSU and set it up on my desk. Took the GPU off as didnt think it was the culprit so the only things connected to the MB are the CPU power cables, the 24pin cable, the NZXT AIO wires (usb2, sata power), fans for the AIO and the NVME drive.

Now everything is seated properly, even repasted and seated the CPU (no pins appeared to be bent) with all that being said i the turn the PSU switch on (its connected directly to the wall) and short the power pins on the MB, this is where we get our first bit of life to which the DRAM is the only thing that lights up and the PSU fan doesnt even do a test spin aswell as a fairly loud click can be heard when shorting the MB power pins (did the paperclip test on the PSU and the fan did spin, while this doesnt rule out it being dead its worth mentioning), literally nothing else happens. I have tried all 4 ram sticks in each slot to no avail.

I do have a spare Cooler master 500w PSU that i used to test and i got a different result which was that the AIO cooler lights as well as the first debug LED on the MB (this case being the CPU LED) lit up for a split second and then went off, the MB debug lights usually get stuck on one of the four if something is wrong and not turn off almost immediately.

i am genuinely stumped and dont really wanna fork out another £350 for a new cpu if that is whats died. I can swallow a new MB or PSU as that is less than half the price.

any help is appreciated.

Corsair RM750 (second older one is a CoolerMaster MWE 500w)
Gigabyte Z490 UD
RTX 3070 FE
32GB 4x8 Corsair Vengeance RGB 3200Mhz
1TB Seagate Barracuda
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