Question System only boots fully to Windows once, possibly video driver issue ?

May 21, 2022
Setting up a system but there seems to be an issue involving the GPU

I7 980
GTX 680
16GB ddr3

Upon setting up the system the PC successfully boots the first time, but after a shutdown then trying to turn it back on it only loads as far as the Windows logo and then the screen turns black.

The PC only boots into Windows after any hardware change is made such as:

  • removing the CMOS battery and putting it back in
  • taking out or inserting ram sticks
  • putting the GPU in a different slot
  • switching SATA ports for the boot drive

I removed the GPU drivers and the issues seem to resolve themselves and boots fine on consecutive tries. I also wanted to note that when the pc booted up and the screen went black but Windows was still running as I was able to shut it down using keyboard shortcuts.