Question System output sound playing through microphone - Even with USB Sound Card

Jun 1, 2019
I switched from a wireless headset which I've been using for about 6 months, and am once again using a wired headset. During the wireless headset's life, I reformatted Windows 10, as I've never had audio problems in the past 6 years I've had this PC.The new wired headset came with a working microphone, how ever any audio I heard would play through the microphone, whether it was muted, or physically detached from the headset. Brushing it off as a faulty headset, I returned it to Best Buy and got another wired headset (Razer Kraken)

With this new headset, the microphone does not work whatsoever, other than sound playing through it. It does not work in the front ports or the motherboard ports in the back, on this headset or the previous. So after reading many forum posts about this exact problem, I came to no conclusion that fixed the problems at hand, and I decided maybe my sound card was malfunctioning. I've since purchased a USB sound card, and the same problem is occurring. Audio is playing through the headset microphone, and the only way I can even barely audibly hear my voice in audio recordings/skype is if I scream very loudly at the highest microphone level.

It isn't stereo mix, and the new usb sound card doesn't work through realtek, so it shouldn't be that either.

Here's my sound settings.

Here's my system specs

Thank you if you try to help.