Question System performance issues


Jan 28, 2020
I have had enough of my computer.

I simply can't play any games and have not played any games ever since I built my new rig. The FPS is fine, I get the FPS I want however I have absolutely awful performance issues, in every game (I have over 20 games installed, AAA games like RDR2, AC etc) and each and every single game has awful stuttering. Whenevr I play a game, the game hangs and freezes every second, some games run fine when I don't move my camera but as soon as I move it, FPS drops down extremely low. Some games have no issues with FPS drops but stuttering with no impact on FPS which basically ruins the experience a lot and makes the game unplayable. I have tried for months to tweak nvidia settings, replaced each and every single part, reinstalled windows and drivers, tried every version of windows and tried disabling things in CMD, without a single effect, graphics settings have no effect on stuttering apart from boosting the FPS. Heat is also not an issue. My specifications are:

-Ryzen 5 2600
-16GB 3200mhz
-1tb HDD and 1tb Nvme SSD. each have games on them but it doesn't matter where I put the game.
-CX550 PSU

Thanks. On my old GTX1050 and FX4300 rig, there was no issues whatsoever.