System POSTs but cant BOOT



My system fails to boot after switching off via the plug! The POST beep is normal, drives and fan are powered (fans remain on full speed), no signal on the monitor (monitor seems ok otherwise) + no BIOS screen. Do you think the graphics card is frazzled, or perhaps the motherboard??
Pc 3ghz Dual core, 4gb ram, Asus something or other mobo, Geforce 9600
Any electrical smell coming from the PSU? Also, we'll need the model numbers of both the MOBO and PSU.

Pull the GPU and look carefully for any popped capacitors, smell, or black marks. Clean the connections and reinstall.

Q - Has the PC ever booted properly?


Hi, I have an Intel E8400 and an Asus P5N73-AM mobo, which have worked swimmingly for over a year now. Ive checked all the components (graphics card, psu, cpu) carefully for signs of electrical damage but couldnt spot any. Now that ive put the comp back together, the bios is now giving me 2 beeps! although still nothing on screen.
ive tried swaping the ram (2 sticks), and tried each stick in solo but still two beeps.
thanks for the help!
Went away for a while. Award BIOS 2 Beeps is unfortunately non specific. Try to pull and clean the RAM connections. The lack luster Manual didn't mention beep error codes.

Looking at the obvious, if the display is dead then pull the GPU and try to start the PC. If it "seems" like it started normally then replace the GPU. Otherwise you'll need to remove everything non essential (USB, sound cards, etc) to isolate the problem and post back your findings.


Sep 12, 2010
Hi, jaquith could you tell me how to identify GPU on mother board ?
my screen is totally black, I did every suggestions but in vein, I even didn't have any beep sound. when my computer broken I didn't smell anything, but a day before the power strip went off automatically. I reset it and everything seemed fine.
@bill224 - If I understood correct now "I reset it and everything seemed fine" - meaning your PC is working I assume. The easiest way besides pulling the GPU and looking at it is -> Start | right-click My Computer and select Properties | click Hardware tab | click Device Manager | click [x] to expand tree Display Adapters. This will tell you what Windows "thinks" the GPU is installed.


Hi sorry for the delay! I gave all the sockets a clean as best i could and stripped down the system to one stick of ram (tried swapping with the other stick and both slots tried) and CPU (with/without fan :S), and i still got the two beeps from BIOS. (couldnt remove integrated sound). Does this mean the fault is with the mobo?
Cheers for the help!
If you did pull the GPU {I know you won't see anything} and the MOBO still beeps as described then it wold seem apparent to be the MOBO. The pain is in some oddball cases a dead CPU renders ~ findings. However, this only happens if you cannot post.

As good as anyone is here it is a flip of the coin CPU/MOBO. To be conclusive requires a spare CPU or high-end MOBO testing equipment; ASUS has that equipment.

Good Luck!

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