Question System power-cycling after clearing cmos...

Jan 29, 2021
Hello :) So this day I was testing my system and when I took out the GPU to switch to integrated graphics, I cleared the CMOS because I was getting no signal and now my system is power cycling. I've taken out the motherboard with the CPU and placed it on the motherboard box to test it. It still power-cycles with only the CPU and CPU cooler on the motherboard. The motherboard is showing a Debug code on the motherboard before it turns off, which says "9A", I looked up the debug code table and the code means that is doing USB, SATA, utilization, and that's the process right before the system posts to bios, which I would assume means that's something is wrong with the bios? I'm not sure though and that's why I decided to make a thread in here. Help would be much appreciated!! ps: I have also tried several PSU's with the same outcome...

System components:
MB - Msi 77A-GD65
CPU - I7 3770K
RAM - Hyperx beast 2400mhx 2*4 gigs