Question System problems.Last Year config , new ram , aio and bios with cable extentions. I give in the line 20 € for the solving .

Jan 28, 2022
Dear Forumers!
I never been in a such deep problem and I would like your help.
There's my config what I self assembled.
And there's a specific problem I just cannot understand please help with it.

There's the config:

b450 strix asus
32 gm ram ( 8x2 last year + 8x2 this year from different contry but everything else the same )corsair vegneance pro RGB.
ryzen 5 3600
msi geforce 3060ti 8gb
970 evo samsung ssd 500g
tx650m corsair
aio h100i xt pro

I made new AIO and +2 ram modules this year , there was no problems.
The problems started when I made the new cable extension inside and updated BIOS from 3003 to 4602.
Now i updated back but i have several differnent mostly memory related problems , blue death from windows ect, program not opening sometimes feedbacking that i have Distrupted files or anything, steam ,nordvpn,vortex ect.
I give in the line 20 € for the solving .