Question "System" Process is constantly writing after Windows 10 last update.

Nov 1, 2019
Everything was running smoothly, right until the last windows update (Granted I also installed Visual c++ redis before rebooting, but I think that's irrelevant)

My disk (SSD) has a permanent use fluctuating between 11% and 33%, this started yesterday, I figured it was some shenanigans going on in the background and I didn't give it too much thought, a few hours later I realized the disk usage never hit 0-1% (as it always had since I got this pc)

I checked what was using the disk in the Processes Tab of Task Manager and found out it was "System", so I entered the resource monitor in the Performance tab, and came across the results in the pictures below.

"SOFTWARE.LOG1", "SOFTWARE.LOG2" and "SYSTEM.LOG" are incessently reading and writing non-stop, I tried rebooting, deactivating the search index and superfetch and what not, reduced startup programs to a bare minimum, but nothing changed, the SAME rate of read/write and disk usage remained the same, this is irking me as I fear for my SSD's life.

If anyone knows how to fix this, please help! Below are the screenshots of the disk usage graph and resource monitoring.