System process monopolizes CPU usage




For a certain time I have been experiencing great problems with my Win2k machine. After a some time the system process begins to use 99% of the CPU usage and it stays this way. The problem seems not to be linked to a certain program as it happens also when I run no programs. I have also installed no new hardware parts or programs the problem just began out of nowhere. Since then I have reinstalled Win2k 2 times. MB and CPU run at normal temperature and I have also used the newest and older drivers. If anybody knows how to solve this problem please help me, because it’s a really annoying problem.


Win200 (SP2)
Athlon 800
Asus A7V
Asus 7700 Deluxe
512 MB Ram
Soundblaster Live 1024
Maxtor 20 GB
Western Digital 30 GB
Plexwrite 12/10/32
Pioneer DVD
2 D-Link 10/100 Ethernet Cards


Jan 27, 2001
Are you experiencing REAL slowdowns in your work? For example your programs working sluggish, etc.?
I suppose you don't mean 'System Idle Process' by any chance? Because if you do, ALL THE BETTER! This is not a process eating your CPU cycles actually. Quite the contrary it just shows how much idle time your CPU is having and thus reduces CPU tempreature by issuing a HALT command to those parts of the CPU that are not working and/or needed... Especially when you're not running anything.



Thx for reply, no don't mean idle Process, it's the second process wehen you look at the Process View in Taskmanager
I have german version there it's called system Process
All programm slow down, as the system process uses 99% of CPU useage. It's impossible to use any program anymore.


I've got the same error, but im running Windows XP Pro Corporate

heres my specs:
here are my system specs:
Intel P4 1.6 northwood (512 cache) BOX
Generic 512 RAM DDR @ 266
ASUS P4S333 w/ onBoard Sound
MSI GeForce3 TI 200 64Mb w/ VIVO
Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live X-Gamer
IMB DeskStar 40Gb 7200+
cheap Realtek network card

Windows XP Pro Corporate Edition
SiSAGP 1.09
nvidia Detonator 28.80 beta (also tried 3 other video drivers, same error with all of them)
Microsoft SoundBlaster live driver
Microsoft realtek network card driver

my motherboard bios version is 1005, the latest avaiable on ASUS website

after reinstalling XP 4 times today Im bound to believe this is a hardware issue, but in fact, I have no clue :(

when i first saw this "crash" it reminded me the Tom's Hardware video in which the athlonw have burnt and the P4 ran quake 3 really slow....

help anyone?


apparently i've "solved" the issue

a friend of mine got the same motherboard and he was having problems with his USB mouse
when he switched to ps2 the mouse started to work relly better, not freezing windows XP anymore
so what i did was to unplug MS game voice headset from my USB
and after that no more high CPU usage

i do know this doesn make much sense, but try to run your system with almost nothing plugged in, and try switching mouse, keyboard, headsets, speakers, etc...

computers act on mysterius ways...


Feb 6, 2001
Yep, hardware, something plugged in, ???...
Had the same problem, 99% on system process! Turned out to be the HP OfficeJet 520 driver. The OfficeJet Printer/Fax/Coppier/Scanner does this connect and configure every power up. Somehow???, the printer port got changed to EPP instead of ECP... and the driver didn't like it... system process went to 99-100% but didn't seam to effect usability of machine??? Chased it for a couple weeks trying to find what was causin cpu usage. Finally found it by accident!

It can be a problem child to find! but its probably hardware somewhere...
My didital cammera can do it too if not plugged in carefully or cammera not in connect mode. Good huntin...


May 5, 2002
Install the Windows 2000 support tools and use" process viewer" you will be able to see exactly wich process is using what.