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Mar 19, 2019
Hi, I need a system for virtualization I can use 10 Windows to run the same synchronization. With vmware on your site, I introduced a series of systems for Nowruz because the graphics card is important to me. I did not collect a system. I wanted to get advice from you
cpu core i7 8700
asuse prime b360m-c
ram 24 or 32
power green 650w
Cpu iphone fan and Griffith card at 800,000 Tomans totaling 11.5 million Internet accesses with HP workstations z620with 32 GB RAM and CPU E52660 V2 Dual Core ipods with 40 cores With 32GB of RAM, I'm talking about 14.7 million million with a CPU of 117,000,000 million. Now I'm going to buy a new system that I told my high-end service, or it's a CPU with CPU, and the number of cores is too big for my work, but that new system CORE I7 8700 Because the technology does not make it a bit faster than the chassis of the HP
The link to the HP Stokes

Which one is better to buy
Not sure how reputable any 'power green' brand of PSU is...stick with Corsair, Antec, or Seasonic...

No idea what you are referring to , implying, or asking with the phrase 'introduced a system for Nowruz', etc...

Frankly, the entire last paragraph is somewhat of a jumbled mess (start to finish) Ipods with 40 cores? 800K Tomans...? what the.....!

"WHich one is better to buy?"

Which what? Choosing between 8700 -based rig and an HP workstation with the E5 Xeon maybe?The 8700 is almost twice the clockspeed of the E5-2660 on average.
Mar 19, 2019
CPU Intel Core i7-8700 Coffee Lake 8th Gen Tray Processor better or Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2660 v2 ?

I want a system for virtualization
With software vmware simultaneously work 10 Windows Seven Starter
What system do you recommend with what features?

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