system randomly freezes for a few seconds

Dec 10, 2018
I recently installed a new ssd (kingston A400 480gb) to have the OS and some programs on it . I also have a 1tb WD HDD. every now and then (kinda random) or when i open a program/file explorer(not everytime , random) the system seems to stop responding , clicking stufff does not work , i can still move my mouse , the average response time goes to 0 while it happens (same for the read and write speed) and disk usage seems to be 100%.

After in unfreezes , the average response times shots up somewhere around 1800-2600 ms. I did 3 reinstalls of windows(2 i tried to keep y files and 1 clean install) , i updated drivers , tried to turn off Link Power Management through regedit and then the power settings , and i still experienced the same stuff.
Programs that are not istalled on the ssd seem to not be able to freeze but i did encounter some sort of lag on them once that only went away after a restart

I also tried to run the ssd on a diferent system (a laptop) and experienced the same things.(while i did this i put another ssd on my main system and everything seemed ok)
Maybe i should sent it back and get another one,like it may be deffect ?

(taken before a freeze)

(taken a few moments after a freeze)
sorry for my bad english

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