Question System Randomly Restarts. I Can't Find Out Why.


Jul 28, 2019
My System randomly restarts. It happens when under load and idle. It doesn't show bsod but just restarts. In event log just shows kernel power error, no specifics.
I'm really annoyed, I have had this issue for 2 years but I barely used the computer until now so I wasn't that bothered by the issue. I record and render long 4k gameplay videos for full time income that can take hours so to find that my pc restarted whilst rendering or recording is extremely frustrating to the point where I'm just considering selling it and getting another before I loose any more income. I just really need some help.
  • Motherboard - Asrock Pro4-f
  • Cooler - Hyper 212 Black Edition
  • CPU - Ryzen 5 3600
  • GPU - RTX 3060 Ti
  • Ram - Patriot Viper Steel 2x8gb
  • PSU - Corsair RM650X
  • Case - Coolermaster NR400 W/ODD
I have tried everything I can think of:
  • Dusted And Reseated Everything
  • Changed GPU
  • Changed PSU
  • All drives are healthy
  • Ran memtest got no errors
  • Checked Mobo for visable damage.
  • Formated all drives and clean installed windows 11.
  • Please Help Meeeeeee!


Take a close look at the wall outlets, surge protectors, power bars, etc. serving your setup. Could be a loose wire, faulty plug, causing random power losses. Ensure that all those plugs are fully and firmly in place.

Also look in Reliability History for error codes, warnings, and even informational events that correspond with the times of the restarts.

Reliability History is much more user friendly than Event Viewer.

Check Update History for any problem updates.

Run the built-in Windows Troubleshooters. The troubleshooters may find and fix something.

Also try "sfc /scannow" and "dism".


Fix Windows Update errors via DISM or System Update Readiness tool - Windows Server | Microsoft Docs


Jul 28, 2019
Thanks for the reply, I just ran both sfc and dism and there are no problems.
I have just noticed something quite strange in event viewer.
When I turned on my pc today I got - "The system uptime is 86024 seconds." which is 23 hours. And I always shutdown my pc and don't put it to sleep. When I checked the time I shut down yesterday it also says that I "user initated power off" but a few seconds later there was a kernal event that said "The system session has transitioned from 0 to 1. Reason: 29" and "
The system is entering sleep. Sleep Reason: Application API".

Could it be putting the system into some strange power state or is this normal?