Question system randomly turning off during games.

Sep 19, 2019
So my system randomly turns off randomly during games. even tho i have done multiple stress test and benchmarks. I don't believe that its the thermals because i never see anything above 80c. I feel like it could be the psu but i dont understand why it would only cut off during games if i have done multiple stress test and benchmarks.

PC Tailor

Please post your entire system spec including PSU make and model (and how long you've had said PSU).
What exactly are the max temperatures you reach on both CPU and GPU?
Do you have latest BIOS installed?
Do you have all latest drivers installed (not using a driver updater program)?
Does the PC just cut off as if it was unplugged without being shut down? Or does the screen just go blank for example?
Games induce very alrge changes in current/power draw by the GPU, with loads potentially varying by 100-180 watts, or even 250-300 watts when using a Vega 64) in a fraction of a second, depending on which GPU is being used...; sometimes a PSU (or even a mainboard's power delivery thru PCI-e slot) can't handle the rapid changes in power draw when used in certain combos. (I've seen a 780Ti work perfectly in 3 systems, but, overload a fourth, regardless of which PSU was used, with said mainboard working fine with other GPUs...including a GTX680)
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