System Reboots


Aug 8, 2010
I had this problem on my old computer and I assume it is the hard drive going out but I would like confirmation.

New System: Pretty much new everything (CPU/MB/RAM/PS) except Vid card and Hard drive

Sometimes my computer will reboot randomly, idle or under load, and when it gets past post it cannot find the OS, (first hard drive does not show in post) but after I cold boot, everything is fine, also sometimes when windows (7 x64) starts it hangs (no mouse movement) for a few seconds and then continues.

On a side note, if my drive is going out, what would be a good fast Mechanical hd to get? the one I have now is SATA 3gb/s... and thats what the MB supports, although I plan on getting a 6gb/s MB because I just ordered a Vertex 3 120GB SSD.
No mechanical HDD will benefit from 6GB/s SATA. Sure, many are now labeled as being compatible, but that's just marketing. They are no faster than SATA II versions, and usually they are the same versions re-labeled :)

Your troubles could be related to the data cable connected to your drive also.

Did you freshly install Win 7 with the new motherboard?