Question System recovery partition to M2


Jul 26, 2015
Hey All!

I recently purchased a new PC and I came across a problem I never met before. There are two storages in the PC: a 250 Gb SSD in the M2 slot and a 4 Tb HDD in a SATA slot.

After installing all the components I went on with installing Win10. At the point when I needed to decide on which storage I wish to have the OS the default option was the HDD (most probably because it was Disc 0 plugged in the SATA). I, however wished to have it on the SSD instead, so I chose that one. Right after I clicked on the SSD a System Recovery Partition appeared on the HDD. I didn't care about this by that time, Win10 installed on SSD, everything cool. Then I wanted to make the first format of the HDD in Disc Manager. As it was a 4 Tb drive I first needed to convert it to MBR disc, which however was not possible anymore because of the System Recovery Partition being already present there. As I didn't see any other option I simply deleted the SRP and succeeded formating the HDD in the end. I thought I can restore the SRP by reinstalling Win10 with the HDD detached from motherboard, but it wasn't the case. SRP wasn't recreated even after this step and I don't know why. My guess is that SRP is by defrault always created to Disc 0 and the SSD I have in the M2 slot is still Disc 1 even if I detach the HDD. Do you have any idea what I can do to restore it?

Thanks a lot
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That partition can house windows recovery environment.
If it is set up correctly, then after several unsuccessful reboots, windows recovery environment would boot instead of windows.

But you can have all the functionality of windows recovery environment, if you just use windows installation media.
So - it is not really necessary.